by Spencer Brown

President Joe Biden’s crusade against American energy, as Leah reported earlier this week, now includes plans to further restrict access to the rich natural resources that lie beneath the ground. His latest efforts to ban mining and oil drilling across a vast swath of New Mexico, of course, will mean Americans will have to rely on other countries — including those with abhorrent labor policies and some of our foes — for future resources that will sit readily available under thousands of acres of land in New Mexico.

The Biden administration’s proposal, which remains open for public comment until December 19 of this year, is — like most of his energy policy — not going over well.

“Biden has repeatedly said the he’s doing ‘everything he can’ to lower gas prices,” reminded Steve Milloy, senior fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute. “From Day one of his term, though, he’s been doing everything he can to make gas prices higher in order to scare drivers away from gas cars and into electric vehicles. Although we ironically have record oil and gas production, Biden’s anti-oil policies and actions have made the US lose critical oil market dominance,” Milloy, who also served on the EPA transition team in the Trump administration noted. “The US is no longer in control of the marginal price of oil as it was under President Trump. OPEC is now in charge, and that will threaten our economy and national security until a new administration makes it clear that US policy will unleash the oil industry to crush the price of oil.”

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