by Spencer Brown

President Biden announced his latest supposed silver bullet to deal with inflated gas prices that reached their all-time high last month — more ethanol than usually allowed in American gas — during a speech on Tuesday evening in Iowa.

As usual, Biden’s announcement was more about avoiding blame that explaining what his plan would do…because it won’t do much.

Biden’s decision to use executive authority to have the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waive normal rules to allow grain-based ethanol mixtures of up to 15 percent in American gas supplies is, according to the White House, more action aimed at lowering gas prices Biden claims have skyrocketed due to Putin’s invasion and greedy oil and gas CEOs. But there are more than a few problems with Biden’s new plan…

“Leave it to Joe Biden to encourage the burning of more food for fuel as a global food crisis approaches due to the war in Ukraine,” remarked Steve Milloy, a Former Trump EPA Transition Team member and the founder of He also reinforced the point that “ethanol is less efficient than gasoline, reduces gas mileage, and so costs consumers more than conventional gasoline.” Not exactly a built back better solution.

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