by Greg Walcher, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow
As appearing in The Daily Sentinel

If you had $1.2 billion to spend, what would you do with it? Before you answer, there are some strings attached. First, you are required to invest in electric vehicle technology, electric vehicle infrastructure, or something that would result in “zero emissions” vehicles. Now what would you do with all that cash? Answer: whatever the EPA dictates.

That is the crux of yet another EPA controversy. This week several free-market organizations (Competitive Enterprise Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Energy & Environment Legal Institute, FreedomWorks, National Center for Public Policy Research and others) raised a fascinating legal issue about the settlement reached last fall between EPA and Volkswagen. A federal judge approved the deal in December, and one part of it is raising serious questions for the new administration, according to a letter from the groups to President Trump.

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