by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist
As Appearing in the Washington Examiner

A demand from President Joe Biden’s climate czar that social media take down criticism of the administration’s energy policies has drawn an angry response from free speech environmental advocates who have eagerly ripped the green initiatives.

Top officials from several outlets slammed Gina McCarthy, former President Barack Obama’s environmental director, for suggesting on Thursday that Big Tech censor anyone who challenges climate change claims made by the administration.

She went so far as to charge critics with spreading “disinformation,” a word that has triggered sites including Facebook and Twitter to pull posts off their platforms.

In a statement to Secrets, Steve Milloy of the Energy and Environment Legal Institute labeled McCarthy as Biden’s “climate fuhrer” and said she is “the one peddling disinformation.”

He added, “Psychologists have a term for McCarthy’s use of disinformation. It’s called projection. She’s actually doing what she accuses others of doing.”

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