by Jennifer Harper
The Washington Times

President Biden and a White House fact sheet offered insight on clean energy and critical minerals on Tuesday, and included references to job creation, supply chains and other dynamics.

Some observers are not impressed…

Steve Milloy, founder of, a news site, noted in another statement that “although Joe Biden is bent on forcing his pointless and expensive climate agenda on Americans struggling to recover from the pandemic, he has no actual plan for actually making it work on a sensible basis.”

He is particularly concerned about Mr. Biden’s push for electrical vehicles, which would require lithium-ion batteries. Mr. Milloy says about 80% of the rare earth minerals for such batteries currently comes from China.

“Although Biden is starting to realize his EV agenda is dead-on-arrival without ensuring a rare earth supply chain independent of China, he has no actual plan to accomplish this. This has all been merely a dog-and-pony show to pretend that he is making progress on that problem,” Mr. Milloy advised.

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