by Valerie Richardson
Washington Times

A Democrat-led coalition of attorneys general has entered into a confidentiality agreement to avoid disclosing public records related to their investigation into climate dissent, according to a document released Wednesday.

The letter from an assistant for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she cannot comply with an open-records request on the coordinated climate-change probe because doing so would violate a Common Interest Agreement signed by the office “and other affected stakeholders.”

The June 17 letter was obtained through a disclosure request filed by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, which accused the attorneys general of trying to “write themselves out of transparency laws to hide [the] abusive campaign.”

“We have confirmed that the Democratic AGs are citing a Common Interest Agreement to avoid releasing crucial information to the public, as they continue their abuse of power,” said David W. Schnare, E&E legal general counsel, in a Wednesday statement.

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