by C. Douglas Golden
The Western Journal

Rising gas prices have become yet another anchor weighing down President Joe Biden’s administration. Yet, everything the president said during a Monday evening Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Washington ought to signal to American consumers that the White House is going to do nothing — absolutely nothing — to try to get them down.

Sure, Biden said they were going to get lower, but this is the same guy whose transportation secretary has claimed that the way to deal with high prices at the pump is simply to buy a pricey electric car

Steve Milloy — an attorney, former Donald Trump administration transition official, a current Fox News contributor and publisher of — pointed out seven of them in a speech he called a “word salad with climate dressing.”…

“Imagine where we’d be right now if, in fact, Europe was, in fact, energy-free of fossil fuels and was — we were in a situation where … it was all renewables,” Biden said. “It’d be a different world.”…

In this case, Milloy took Biden up on the proposition. Let’s imagine a situation where “Europe was, in fact, energy-free of fossil fuels.”

“Most of us would be dead, Joe,” Milloy said.

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