by Chris Woodward

For the first time, The Weather Channel is getting directly involved in a political campaign – and some see it clearly as a move away from its mission.

The Weather Channel is planning a special next month that will include recorded interviews with presidential candidates on the topic of “man-made climate change.” Rick Knabb of The Weather Channel told The Associated Press: “It gets the conversation going in a big way.”

One person looking forward to The Weather Channel’s event is author and founder Steve Milloy.

Milloy, Steve (”In September, CNN held a seven-and-a-half-hour climate forum for all the Democratic candidates,” Milloy recalls, “and all it did was give people like me fantastic talking points – because all the candidates could talk about was banning cheeseburgers and banning plastic straws and plastic bags and banning fracking, all of these crazy, out-to-lunch type ideas,

“So, if The Weather Channel wants to have more of that, great – I can’t wait,” he adds.

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