World Tribune Staff

A coalition of leftist groups has called on Team Biden not to badmouth or antagonize China.

Why? Because China might not cooperate on climate change if they are criticized in any way.

The leftist groups, including 350 Action, the Sunrise Movement and the Union of Concerned Scientists, actually believe they can persuade the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which puts the party above all else, including climate change, to join the climate crusade.

Here’s something for those groups to mull: Whether it is being criticized by the U.S. or not, Communist China builds the equivalent of a new coal-fired power plant every week.

The 48 organizations in the leftist coalition sent a letter to Joe Biden and Congress last week and implored them to stop the “U.S. demonization of China” and prioritize diplomacy to tackle “the climate crisis,” Valerie Richardson reported for The Washington Times on July 12…

Steve Milloy, publisher of JunkScience and a member of former President Donald Trump’s EPA transition team, said the eco-left coalition’s letter aligned with Biden climate special envoy John Kerry’s approach to China.

“That’s been John Kerry’s position all along, that somehow climate can be managed on a separate track from everything else that China does, which of course is entirely crazy,” said Milloy. “China is not going to compartmentalize climate for John Kerry.”

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