by Staff
World Tribune

Climate alarmists are using the coronavirus health crisis as a “dress rehearsal” for what they call the “climate emergency,” analysts say.

“Even as Americans chafe under job losses and social restrictions, environmentalists see a ‘silver lining’ of falling global emissions while drawing comparisons between the pandemic and the ‘climate crisis,’ ” Washington Times reporter Valerie Richardson noted on April 22, which marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg said the Earth Day anniversary “reminds us that the climate and environmental emergency is still ongoing. We need to tackle both the corona pandemic, this crisis, at the same time as we tackle the climate and environmental emergency because we need to be able to tackle two crises at once.”…

“Now that people know what it takes to plug global emissions, will they be willing to do it again?”

Don’t count on it, said JunkScience’s Steve Milloy, who said the pandemic is likely to kill the public’s appetite for social and economic restrictions.

“People are willing to endure this temporarily, but people are getting tired of it already, and it’s only been three weeks,” said Milloy. “[The activists] would like to take the coronavirus police state and turn it into the climate police state, and I’m just not sure the public is going to want to go from this police state into the next one.”

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