by WorldTribune Staff

The woke social justice warriors who pull the strings at the Biden White House have made it their mission to dismantle the fossil fuel industry while convincing young Americans to believe there is a climate emergency that must be immediately addressed.

So, how are those youths responding?

A new poll “shows young people are unwilling to make even the slightest financial sacrifice, not even the cost of one avocado and toast sandwich per month, for ‘green’ causes, and perhaps this underscores that the youth are merely serial virtue signalers,” Zero Hedge noted on March 5.

The survey, commissioned by CRC Research for the 85 Fund, reveals that just 45 percent of respondents aged 18-34 would be willing to give $10 (or less) monthly to combat climate change while 20 percent said they would give nothing, the Daily Mail reported.

There were similar results among respondents aged 25-34…

“Despite claims they are leading the charge on climate change, it turns out young people are actually just sheep in wolves clothing. They demand ‘climate action,’ but demand someone else pay for it,” said Steve Milloy, a lawyer who served under the Trump administration.

Milloy continued: “They disguise their rank hypocrisy by posturing as ‘climate activists.’ Their refusal to put their money where their mouths are just underscores how unserious they are as citizens and voters.”

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