Argus: EPA denies requests to reconsider carbon limits

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Washington, 2 May (Argus) — The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rejected industry and state requests that it take another look at CO2 emissions limits for new coal-fired power plants.

The agency on 29 April denied five petitions for reconsideration of the regulations filed by two utilities, an industry group and the state of Wisconsin. The petitions asked EPA to reconsider based on a number of factors, including the cost and viability of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology and procedural issues with how the agency finalized the standards…

EPA also denied petitions filed by Ameren, the Utility Air Regulatory Group and the Energy and Environment Legal Institute. The agency partially denied Wisconsin’s petition and deferred action on the state’s request that it reconsider the treatment of biomass emissions when co-fired with fossil fuels, pending the outcome of EPA’s review of the issue in general.

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