by Thomas Richard
Blasting News

Emails released yesterday by the E&E Legal Institute show how the EPA used ‘offline channels’ to work with anti-fossil fuel activists, environmental reporters, green groups, and lobbyists to craft global warming rules. E&E Legal (EELI) notes this back-channeling was used to thwart FOIA requests and federal recordkeeping laws as the agency spearheaded numerous#Climate Change regulations that are still reverberating throughout the industry and small businesses trying to comply.

Some of these regulations may sound familiar, including: increased miles per gallon for cars (CAFE standards) and trucks, and the Clean Power Plan (CPP) currently on hold by the U.S. Supreme Court. The CPP was intended as President #Obama’s signature climate change achievement, intended to address global warming by shuttering coal-fired power plants. But as EPA head Gina McCarthy admitted to congress, the new regulations would only avert warming by .01 degrees at best.

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