by Vivek Saxena
Business & Politics

A multinational company that owns a large number of automobile brands is reportedly laying off hundreds of employees because of the transition to electric vehicles.

“Stellantis is laying off about 400 employees in the U.S., mostly in its software and engineering divisions, the latest in a string of cutbacks by the automaker as it works to introduce its first electric vehicles in the U.S.,” The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Stellantis owns many automobile companies, including Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler.

“After rigorous organizational reviews, Stellantis confirms that we will reduce our engineering/technology and software organizations by about 2% in the U.S.,” the company confirmed in a statement to Fox Business Network

Critics on the right have blamed the layoffs on President Joe Biden and his obsession with gutting the traditional automotive industry in favor of electric vehicles…

Steve Milloy, a Senior Policy Fellow for the Energy And Environment Legal Institute, was even more blunt.

“Joe Biden’s policies have been a disaster for the car industry, especially its workers,” he said. “Carmakers are losing tens of thousands of dollars on each EV sold. EV production is reducing the number of autoworker jobs.”

“Pointless fuel economy standards are making cars so expensive that drivers are holding on to their cars for twice as long as they used to. None of that is good for jobs or wages. But Biden doesn’t care. His anti-car climate agenda is more important,” he added.

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