by Katy Grimes
As Appearing in the California Globe

‘Controlling the movement of people’ for a large number of rural California counties

Last week, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife delayed opening California’s recreational ocean salmon fishery through the month of April, despite plans made earlier this year for the fishery to open in some locations as early as this Saturday, April 4, because of the state’s “physical distancing requirements.”

The current coronavirus case numbers are:

16349 = Number of confirmed cases in the state of California

388 = Number of deaths related to the coronavirus in California

Today, Charles Bonham, director of the Department of Fish and Wildlife is proposing to postpone the sportfishing season through May in rural areas, the Sacramento Bee reported. “I myself want to go outdoors and recreate, but I’ve decided personally my duty is really to stay home, stay healthy and help save lives,” Bonham said. “On one hand, the outdoors is a place of solace and reinvigoration, for some folks, it’s very spiritual. We need those things in these desperate times. Conversely, if we’re not responsible and thoughtful of how we’re being outside, we can increase the risk in a moment of crisis.”

“This is so extremely stupid I go fishing in the mountains and I do not see anyone for miles,” one man commented on the article. “I am not going out into the mountains to visit people in the country, I am go to go fishing. Totally unnecessary and an abuse of authority!”

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