by Katy Grimes
As Appearing in the California Globe

Fishing enthusiasts outraged at government overreach during COVID-19 crisis

This week, California Globe reported that Charles Bonham, director of the Department of Fish and Wildlife was proposing to postpone the sportfishing season through May in rural areas, and credited the Sacramento Bee with first reporting the story.

The government’s bureaucratic overreach outraged thousands of readers and sportfishing enthusiasts, if the comments left on the Globe’s article and on the Facebook post are any indication.

Following the Bee and Globe articles, Fish and Wildlife held a planned teleconference to discuss the matter, and was inundated by angry callers.

California Globe looked up the County map of COVID-19 cases, and found five deaths due to the virus in the northern rural counties, and 50 in the rural Southern California counties – most of which are in nursing homes.

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