Hidden Cost of Wind

//Hidden Cost of Wind
7 11, 2014

E&E Legal Joins 65 Other Groups in Urging Congress not to Revive Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC)

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Tuesday's elections saw a massive tidal wave against the Obama Administration's government overreach - particularly in the area of energy and the environment.  The U.S. Senate changed parties, and the GOP in the U.S. House extended their majority.  With the new Congress poised to bring sanity back to federal energy and environment policies, the Energy [...]

9 05, 2014

energybiz: New Renewable Energy Technologies: Status and Prospects – Part 2 – Wind Power (cites E&E Legal’s Hidden Cost of Wind study)

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by Bryan Leyland energybiz Wind power has been around for thousands of years. More than 300 years ago large areas of Holland and the Fens in the UK were drained using wind driven pumps. Because they were expensive to build and operate and the wind often did not blow when it was needed, they were [...]