23 03, 2021

E&E Legal Letters XXX: E&E Legal Returns to Conservative Watchdog Role with New Administration

2021-03-23T14:55:19-04:00March 23rd, 2021|DOE, E&E Legal Letters, Schnare, Transparency|

Joe Biden ran on a promise that he would return to the devastating and economy-killing "climate change" policies of the Obama-era.  Not coincidentally, policies that would give China a tremendous manufacturing advantage in the world economy since they are not beholden to the same unreachable emission reduction “goals” as the U.S. and other Western countries. [...]

16 03, 2021

MasterResources: Going Honest on GHG Emissions: The Milloy Petition (and early success)

2021-03-16T14:00:38-04:00March 16th, 2021|"Scare Pollution", Corporate Greenwashing, Media Coverage, Milloy, Petition, SEC|

By Robert Bradley Jr. MasterResources.org Entrepreneurship applies to public policy. It is not enough to just have the superior intellectual case. Against the Malthusian juggernaut, creativity is required to get past the gatekeepers of deceit and what today is called the cancel culture. Enter Steve Milloy, founder of JunkScience.com and Senior Policy Fellow at the [...]

13 03, 2021

Milloy: Is Biden weaponizing the SEC to advance Democrats’ climate agenda?

2021-03-16T13:16:34-04:00March 13th, 2021|"Climate Change", "Scare Pollution", Media Coverage, Milloy, SEC, Socialism|

by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Junkscience.com Founder As Appearing in the Washington Times The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced it was taking action to curb false and misleading statements by publicly-owned companies. While this seems like a promising development on its face, there’s good reason to believe this [...]

10 03, 2021

Press Release: E&E Legal Files FOIA with DOE Regarding the Recently Formed Task Force on Scientific Integrity

2021-03-10T14:49:11-05:00March 10th, 2021|Communism, DOE, Press Releases, Richardson, Schnare, Transparency|

Watchdog Group Seeks Records to Clarify Biden Administration's Definition of "Equity" and Other Orwellian Terms For Immediate Release: March 10, 2021 Contact: [email protected] (202-810-2001) Washington, D.C. -  On Monday, the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal), a conservative watchdog group, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the U.S. Department of Energy [...]

3 02, 2021

Daily Caller: Biden EPA Nominee Faces Questions About Agency’s Independence During Confirmation Hearing

2021-02-15T15:28:28-05:00February 3rd, 2021|EPA, Marxism, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Varun Hukeri Daily Caller Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator nominee Michael Regan faced questions about the agency’s independence within the Biden administration during his confirmation hearing Wednesday before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “I am concerned about some of the appointments the president has made where they’re not in the purview of [...]

7 12, 2020

Junkscience.com: HUGE WINNING… EPA will not tighten PM2.5 air quality standards

2020-12-08T10:46:22-05:00December 7th, 2020|"Scare Pollution", EPA, Junkscience.com, Milloy, PM2.5|

by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Junkscience.com Founder As appearing on Junkscience.com JunkScience.com and friends — including Steve Milloy, Jim Enstrom, Stan Young, John Dunn and others — have worked for more than 20 years to achieve this result. A Biden administration will undoubtedly try to overturn this decision. So we will [...]

1 07, 2020

Junkscience.com: Milloy testifies to EPA on proposed cost-benefit analysis revamp

2020-07-06T11:18:57-04:00July 1st, 2020|"Scare Pollution", EPA, Milloy, Testimony|

by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow, and Junkscience.com Founder As appearing on Junkscience.com My comments from today’s public testimony before EPA on its proposed cost-benefit overhaul. On a comical note, the enviro woman who testified before me criticized EPA for taking comments over the phone vs. by video… because phone testimony prevented EPA [...]

14 04, 2020

Milloy: WINNING: EPA won’t tighten the PM2.5 standard

2020-04-15T13:38:11-04:00April 14th, 2020|"Scare Pollution", EPA, Milloy, PM2.5|

by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Junkscience.com Founder As Appearing on Junkscience.com A big win for all who have worked on this. We’re not done yet. But a big win nonetheless. You can read the wailings of the PM2.5 fraudsters in the New York Times coverage (Web | PDF). Incredible that the fraudsters launched [...]

17 01, 2020

Milloy oral comments to EPA Science Advisory Board on Trump EPA deregulatory effects

2020-01-20T10:32:05-05:00January 17th, 2020|"Scare Pollution", Bad Science, EPA, Milloy, Testimony|

Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow & Junkscience.com Founder As appearing on Junkscience.com Good morning. I’m Steve Milloy. I publish JunkScience.com. I’ve worked on EPA science and risk issues for almost 30 years now — probably on more EPA issues in more EPA programs than any one of you. The one thing I can [...]

15 01, 2020

Milloy: EPA’s Science Blowout

2020-01-16T17:18:56-05:00January 15th, 2020|"Scare Pollution", Bad Science, EPA, Media Coverage, Milloy|

by Steve Milloy, E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow and Junkscience.com founder InsideSources.com A unique event in regulatory science just happened. One that could only have occurred in the rock ’em, sock ’em Trump era. An Environmental Protection Agency science advisory panel informed the EPA administrator that 25 years and $600 million worth of the science [...]

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