by Susan Myrick, Civitas Institute
As Appearing in the Chatham Journal Newspaper

Raleigh, NC – WRAL’s Laura Leslie wrote about an Energy Forum held at the Legislature September 9 organized by opponents of renewable energy programs. (Translation from WRAL speak: opponents to taxpayer-funded renewable energy programs.) The central theme of Leslie’s article seems to be the famous “Koch Brothers.” That would be Charles and David Koch, the businessman brothers who are favorite boogeyman targets of the progressive left…

While Leslie spends most of the article throwing around Koch connections of those testifying against political favoritism for renewable energy, she cites four pro-renewable groups (translation: groups that promote government subsidies and political privileges to an industry that can’t stand on its own) for balance.

Unsurprisingly, Leslie fails to reveal where they get their funding or what the funders’ ulterior motives are…

The Sierra Club is the largest and one of the oldest environmental organizations in the country. This article from the Oregonian contends that Sierra Club’s contributors are now putting the “almighty dollar before mother earth” and cites a report by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute that reveals that many “environmental activists benefit richly from their donations to the Sierra Club.” The article gives examples of the very wealthy making money from their philanthropy.

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