by Tim Ryan
Courthouse News Service

WASHINGTON (CN) – Missing statutory deadlines drew federal complaints Monday against the Environmental Protection Agency both from conservationists and a coal-funded right-wing think tank…

In the same court Monday, the EPA was hit with a federal complaint by…the Energy and Environment Legal Institute.

Amid reports of infighting at the EPA between career scientists and officials who have come to the agency on the coattails of President Donald Trump, the institute says it is still waiting on a response to its Feb. 23, 2017 request under the Freedom of Information Act.

The request “sought a specific and tailored population of email correspondence and attachments involving three named agency employees, which correspondence was with or which referenced certain outside actors, and also used one of three other keywords, over a specified period of time,” the complaint states.

Though a response to the request was due on or before March 23, the institute says it is still awaiting even acknowledgement of the request’s receipt more than six weeks later.

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