by Chris White
Daily Caller

A conservative legal group is asking Vermont lawmakers to punish the state attorney general for his handling of a public records request regarding a high-profile investigation into Exxon Mobil.

Attorney General T.J. Donovan’s office decides whether to respond to public records requests for partisan reasons, according to the D.C.-based legal group, E&E Legal. The group said lawmakers currently reviewing the budget proposal for the Democrat AG’s office should punish the alleged political partisanship by reducing its budget.

E&E Legal told the Daily Caller News Foundation earlier this month the AG’s office admitted recently in court to googling the group’s name to determine its political bias. E&E Legal brought Donovan to court to try to force the AG into forking over information related to his investigation against Exxon Mobil. The court has not yet made a decision in the case.

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