by Chris White
The Daily Caller

Vermont’s attorney general (AG) denied the existence of email documents showing the state’s involvement in a month’s long probe targeting fossil fuel groups, a conservative legal group reported Tuesday.

Vermont’s AG office told E&E legal attorney Matthew Hardin during a court hearing Monday night that the state’s chief law enforcers do not have any records pertaining to an investigation against various fossil fuel groups. The AG’s office has spent nearly a year defending its right to withhold information related to the sprawling probe, which has included several states in the past.

“It’s odd that an office would spend almost a year in litigation defending its right to withhold certain described public records, then when it loses in court suddenly decide it has no public records,” Hardin noted in a press statementTuesday. “We’re going to ask the court to look closely at OAG’s change of heart to make sure this isn’t yet another convenient story to justify secrecy.”