by Joshua Philipp
Epoch Times

Unelected officials use corruption, propaganda, and secrecy to form alternative government not responsible to voters

A system of unelected officials within various branches of the U.S. government have utilized the intelligence agencies, key public officials, and a network of foundations and nonprofits to build a corrupt alternative government that does not answer to American voters.

This system is widely referred to as the “Deep State,” and the conservative, non-partisan watchdog group Judicial Watch recently released a 64-page report that details some of the corrupt actions of the Deep State, as well as a series of lawsuits that Judicial Watch has lodged against it…

Through its lawsuits and investigations, Judicial Watch found that the EPA has been concealing or failing to provide key information that should legally be publicly available. It cites a Sept. 20, 2016, article from the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, stating that under the Obama administration it was a “widespread practice” to move “select correspondence about EPA-related business to non-official email accounts.”

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