by Katy Grimes
As Appearing in the California Globe

Newsom’s Grand Power Plan: Asks Warren Buffett to buy PG&E

California Governor Gavin Newsom, doing his best to avoid responsibility for California’s power failures, blames “dog-eat-dog capitalism” for the state’s current crisis. In his next breath, Newsom wants Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway to make a takeover bid for bankrupt utility giant PG&E Corp.

If it sounds like he’s referring to the modern day robber barons who have descended on the state to suck it dry of profits while burning it to the ground, he is. And then he turned to one of those robber barons for a bailout.

“California’s return to the dark ages is a direct result of the Democratic political monopoly in Sacramento,” the Wall Street Journal editorial board said last week.

California’s current crisis is the direct result of 40 years of Democrat rule, and their leftist policies. While neglecting crucial infrastructure repairs and maintenance, they’ve imposed strangling environmental priorities.

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