by Katy Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow and California Globe Editor
As Appearing in the California Globe

Politico reports climate change policy most important to Newsom – the people, not so much

Governor Gavin Newsom is preparing an army of bureaucrats to protect California’s climate policies against a second Trump administration. You read that right. With California’s visible melt-down, the elitist governor is focused on climate change.

In “California is preparing to defend itself — and the nation — against Trump 2.0.,” Politico reported:

Newsom administration officials are keenly aware that deep-blue California is a prime target for former President Donald Trump’s political diatribes and policy rollbacks — and they fully expect he’ll resume his attacks on the Golden State if he wins in November.

This is the governor’s concern – “the state’s nation-leading climate policies” – even as California has a $77 billion budget deficit, ranks dead last in the nation on job growth, and has 200,000 homeless zombies taking over cities.

Politico claims:

“California officials are dusting off the playbook that made them a bulwark against former President Donald Trump from 2016-2020.”

From the elite leftist media to elite leftist politicians, Democrats openly show their contempt for the people and the working class.

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