by Robin Bravender and Amanda Peterka
E&E Reporters

Wanted: Nonsmoking, active adults to inhale nitrogen dioxide and ozone during a workout.

Those people will help U.S. EPA study the physiological changes caused by the exposure to dirty air. Participants would breathe clean air laced with pollution;

exercise on and off during exposures; and have their breathing, blood pressure and heart rates monitored. If subjects participate in all four three-day sessions,

they’ll get $2,216.

It’s one of several studies of human subjects currently being advertised by EPA…

A pair of conservative organizations released 176 pages of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that they said showed EPA had funded illegal experiments at independent institutions that subjected children to diesel exhaust in the name of science.

The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and the Energy and Environment Legal Institute said that the documents showed that the scientists had failed to adequately represent cancer risks to participants and their parents.

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