by Katie Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow
As Appearing in Canada Free Press

On a trip to China to meet with the Communist dictator President Xi Jinping, California Governor Jerry Brown is signaling to the world his fidelity to the unratified and dubious Paris Climate treaty, in spite of President Donald Trump’s recent withdrawal from the pact. Brown should be investigated for colluding with a known foreign enemy upon his return to the United States—a federal republic of 50 states of which he is but one governor.

It is unconstitutional for a state to supplant federal powers and act on its own when dealing with other nations. Brown’s latest trip to China to enter into a treaty as a sovereign nation is unconstitutional on several levels, and violates the Logan Act. However, the left is claiming that the agreement Brown signed with President Xi Jinping is “non-binding,” and therefore legal. “Non-binding?” How non-binding is it when it directly impacts the California taxpayers with exponentially higher energy costs, gas tax increases, and draconian regulations on the trucking industry, just to name a few of the implications?

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