by Katy Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow
As Appearing in the Flash Point Report

When politicians crash and burn, they create diversionary tactics to disguise their failures. A perfect example is California Gov. Jerry Brown, and his impious policy on climate change. Just a few days ago, California Gov. Jerry Brown said the Lake County wildfire is evidence that global warming already has created dangerous conditions in California. Yet, if the climate really hasn’t really changed in twenty years, and the rainfall is actually normal (four of five years historically are below average, with one in five ‘wet’, according to a scientist friend) how does Brown get away with this garbage?

Climate realities: Sydney, Australia has snow this summer for the first time since 1836. The Big Island of Hawaii had snowfall in July. In California, it snowed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains this summer — I saw it when I was camping. Antarctica set a new record for ice extent in 2014 and continues to set records for how much ice covers the oceans surrounding the southern hemisphere.

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