by Katy Grimes, E&E Legal Senior Media Fellow
As Appearing in the Flash Point Report

The Associated Press released a report this week which found that a fraction of the promised jobs have been created following passage of the 2012 Proposition 39, by billionaire hedge-fund manager and green-jobs shill Tom Steyer. Prop. 39 is bringing in millions less each year than initially projected, according to the AP. “Proponents told voters in 2012 that it would send up to $550 million annually to the Clean Jobs Energy Fund. But it brought in just $381 million in 2013, $279 million in 2014 and $313 million in 2015,” the AP reported.

Sadly this isn’t news to many. In 2012, I reported extensively on Prop. 39, and had no illusions about the anticipated revenue, and rather was cynical about the real goal of the initiative…

I asked Steyer at the Press Club meeting, “There have been many news stories of your own investments into green tech companies, and green businesses. How many of your businesses would benefit from an infusion of this money?”

Steyer looked incredulous and said that he had no idea that people were saying that about him, but that his businesses will not benefit. He added: “I don’t think Prop 39 is going to change many lives.”

Apparently he was telling the truth; only 1,700 jobs – not 40,000 — have been created in three years. How could the money possibly be accomplishing what voters were promised… unless the voter were lied to?

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