by Chris Horner, E&E Legal Senior Legal Fellow
As Appearing in the Daily Caller

The Trump Administration has proclaimed this week as “Energy Week” – a time to focus on pro-energy initiatives that can actually boost our economy, promote a message of U.S. “energy dominance” and highlight many disastrous Obama-era energy policies that helped stall the nation’s economic recovery.

Obama’s EPA in particular foisted thousands of complex regulations on business and industry. The Clean Power Plan, regional haze mandates, various emissions standards and other burdens offered few if any tangible benefits or realistic way to gauge improvement to our lands, air, or water quality.

These onerous regulations did delay job growth and came with enormous costs to businesses and consumers. The Clean Power Plan (CPP) for example would allegedly reduce global carbon emissions by a whopping 1.8% by 2030 but would cost American businesses and consumers $39 billion.

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