by John Hayward
Human Events

I don’t wish to downplay the hard work of the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, but learning that the Environmental Protection Agency is essentially staffed and run by its own lobbyists is not surprising. It’s good to have it all documented in a concise report, entitled “Improper Collusion Between Environmental Pressure Groups and the Environmental Protect Agency, As Revealed by Freedom of Information Act Requests,” but the ultimate conclusion is something everyone familiar with the EPA knows, the worst-kept open secret in Washington. Outside of the Department of Education, it’s hard to think of a better example of special interests running a pet government agency designed expressly to cater to them.

If the E&ELI doesn’t mind a bit of advice, I’d come up with a catchier, more media-friendly title for the final report (the current release is billed as an interim version.) Maybe something like “Sustainable Revolving Doors” or “One Agency, Under Lobbyists, Indivisible.”

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