by Chuck Hoster
Liberty News Now

A California state bill to give $3 billion in state subsidies to electric vehicle manufacturers is seeing an intense fight in the Senate. The bill, a potential boon for car manufacturers like Tesla Motors, is being criticized by opponents for giving taxpayer money to industries that serve to enrich billionaire CEOs.

A former hedge fund manager and billionaire activist, who now back various anti-poverty and clean energy projects, Tom Steyer strongly supports the bill, which would expand California’s current subsidy program for “green cars.” However, Steyer is on record declaring that “not one penny” in tax cuts should be given to “those who don’t need it.”…

According to Tom Tanton, director at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, subsidies for even the more moderate costing Tesla Model 3 takes taxpayer money from the less fortunate and gives it to high income individuals.

He further pointed out an overlooked human cost incurred in the manufacturing of electric vehicles. The cobalt used to build batteries for EVs is primarily mined in Africa where workers are forced to work in brutal, slave-like, conditions.

“There are tremendous human rights and child abuses in mining, especially in Africa,” Tanton said.

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