McConnell: EPA climate rule a disaster worth fighting against

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by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
As Appearing in the Kentucky Herald

The Herald-Leader’s recent attempt to equate those who work in the Kentucky coal fields — along with those of us who support and defend their way of life — with the Southern plantation owners who once enriched themselves off the backs of slaves is a depressing new low…

The fact is the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed energy regulation would hit the poorest Kentuckians hardest, since the likely increase in electricity costs that follows would be hardest for them to absorb. It would cost our overall economy an estimated $2 billion, and put thousands of our neighbors out of work. Those who support it are taking the polar opposite of a “progressive” stand…

However you look at it, the EPA’s new climate rule is a disaster, and I won’t stand idly by while the administration tries to ram it past my constituents in an illegal or unconstitutional manner. Nor will I stand idly by without defending Kentuckians from lost jobs and higher energy bills.

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