by Megawatt Daily

A conservative legal group has teamed up with a trading fund in asking a federal court to require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to turn over documents related to its investigation of alleged manipulation of up-to congestion (UTC) transactions in PJM Interconnection.

STS Energy Partners LP and their counsel from the Free Market Environmental Law Clinic are asking the US District Court for the District of Columbia to require FERC to turn over a host of documents within 10 days of an order, arguing that FERC’s denial of two requests under the Freedom of Information Act was “not reasonable” and inconsistent with the commission’s FOIA obligations.

“These FOIA requests seek information shining light on FERC’s recent and punitive efforts against small power market traders for engaging in legal and indeed ubiquitous activity in the PJM Interconnection wholesale electricity market, by alleging market manipulation, and in an inconsistent manner creating great confusion for traders,” the April 10 complaint argued.

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