by Steve Milloy Author and E&E Legal Senior Policy Fellow

Compare the trivial allegations against Scott Pruitt with the actual, serious law-breaking of the Clinton and Obama EPA chiefs.

Beltway navel gazers and anti-Trump media are all atwitter over Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt’s alleged ethical issues/lapses in judgment concerning his travel and living arrangements, security needs and, now, staff compensation. Yawn.

Where was all the concern when previous EPA administrators ran roughshod over actual laws?

The past three Democrat EPA administrators, for example, all flagrantly violated public records laws, like the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

After issuing a host of “midnight regulations” on her way out the door and despite a court order directing that all records be preserved, Clinton EPA chief Carol Browner ordered that her hard drive be erased on her last full day in office, January 19, 2001.

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