by Steve Milloy
As appearing in the Daily Caller

As whale deaths mount on the east coast, the Biden administration can no longer pretend offshore wind farms are harmless to marine life.

FOX News Digital revealed that the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is quietly offering a grant to study interactions between wind farms and critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. Even though government-issued permits allow the offshore wind industry to kill whales, scientists and allied nonprofits have loudly denied any connection between wind farms and dead whales to protect the industry.

The Biden administration’s total and hypocritical, if not illegal, disregard for the welfare of whales is consistent with the regulatory and financial favoritism it extends to foreign green energy companies who are industrializing America’s coasts. The government’s many accommodations to these entities puts the lie to claims that wind energy is good for the environment.

The whole path is greased: mandates, subsidies, permits, and see no evil regulators.

Consider the Inflation Reduction Act, President Joe Biden’s signature domestic policy accomplishment, which is burgeoning with giveaways to the wind industry. The law offers a 30 percent tax credit to offshore wind projects that break ground before 2026. Another credit is available for companies that manufacture turbine components or specialty products like installation vessels. The law also appropriates $100 million to model and plan energy transmission.

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