by Alex Newman
The New American

Obama failed in his mission to make his “global-warming” schemes “Trump proof.” Fulfilling some of his key campaign promises to voters, President Donald Trump moved Tuesday to dismantle huge swaths of the unconstitutional “climate” regime imposed on Americans by his predecessor. Among other important targets in Trump’s latest executive order is Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” decree, which sought to regulate emissions of carbon dioxide, also known to scientists as the “gas of life.” The measure signed by Trump also takes aim at multiple other schemes adopted by Obama that restricted energy production or killed jobs under the guise of stopping alleged man-made global warming. Trump’s supporters and climate realists celebrated the news, though some warned that there was still important work left to do on the issue. Far-left Democrats, United Nations bureaucrats, and tax-funded climate alarmists, on the other hand, were left frothing at the mouth…

Craig Richardson, president of the pro-liberty, pro-science Energy & Environment Legal Institute, celebrated Trump’s order reining in the “outlaw, junk science-fueled and job-killing” EPA. “This executive order rolls back one of the most economically damaging policies of the Obama Administration,” he said, adding that it was another sign that Trump plans to keep his promises. “Through this action, President Trump is also keeping his promise to offer relief to minorities, the poor and seniors by helping them stay out of ´green energy poverty.´ While becoming wealthy at taxpayer expense ´green energy´ billionaires are driving up utility costs for to those who can least afford it. This executive order will provide these individuals and families the help and hope they so desperately need.” Richardson also said Obama’s scheming was never about clean air or water, but was designed to enrich his cronies such as billionaire Tom Steyer at the expense of U.S. workers and taxpayers.

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