by Kathryn Blackhurst

Forty self-described free-market organizations called on President Donald Trump, in a letter released Monday, to keep his campaign promise and withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

Reports surfaced in April that Trump’s more politically moderate advisers were advocating the White House keep the nation committed to the Obama-era agreement struck within the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The White House has since tilted in favor of withdrawing from the accord, according to a report from The Washington Post.

With these hopes in mind, the 40 signatories encouraged the president to keep his word and reject the deal, which critics argue places unfair demands on the United States…

Attorney Christopher C. Horner, a senior legal fellow for the Energy & Environment Legal Institute and a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told LifeZette that if Trump withdraws the U.S. from the Paris agreement he will be sending a strong signal to other world leaders of the U.S.’ uncompromising values.

“It would restore and return us to our treaty process, which would send a very strong signal to our negotiating partners — the opposite signal of what the ‘remainers’ are claiming,” Horner said. “[Trump] would be sending a signal that you can’t work with an administration to circumvent our process as these parties did and have it stand up. You might as well go legit.”

Horner said the Founding Fathers took treaties seriously “in anticipation of one branch poaching on the powers of another,” Horner noted that they did not foresee “one branch having atrophied so badly that it couldn’t protect its turf” from the other branches.

“The least we can do is give the U.S. Senate a vote,” Horner insisted, adding, “Let’s make the Senate great again.”

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