PoliZette: Trump Conflicted on Paris Climate Accord

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by Jim Stinson

The White House canceled a second internal meeting Tuesday on the controversial Paris climate agreement.

The cancellation is likely a sign Trump is still conflicted about whether to deliver on his campaign promise to withdraw the U.S. from the bargain or to listen to advisers urging him to spare the deal…

Attorney Christopher C. Horner, a senior legal fellow for the Energy and Environment Legal Institute and a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told LifeZette on Tuesday that if Trump withdraws the nation from the Paris agreement, he will be sending a strong signal to other world leaders the U.S. will not be rolled in international negotiations.

“It would restore and return us to our treaty process, which would send a very strong signal to our negotiating partners — the opposite signal of what the ‘remainers’ are claiming,” Horner said. “[Trump] would be sending a signal that you can’t work with an administration to circumvent our process as these parties did and have it stand up. You might as well go legit.”

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