by Craig Richardson, E&E Legal Executive Director
As appearing InsideSources

One name surfaces again and again in WikiLeaks’ email to expose the corrosive influence of the Greens’ “rich uncle,” hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer. The eye-opening leaks show a pattern of Steyer wielding his fortune to bend Democratic politics in pursuit of his personal green energy agenda.

Steyer is attempting to force costly and unreliable forms of energy upon Americans. While the San Francisco tycoon can afford to double or even triple energy rates for his six homes, lower- and middle-class families cannot. Household electricity bills run about 40 percent higher than the national average in California, thanks to policies championed by Steyer. In fact, 1 million Golden State households now live in “Green Energy Poverty,” paying 10 percent or more of their income on home energy costs alone.

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