by Craig Richardson, E&E Legal President
As Appearing in the Daily Caller

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s political career has truly been plunging. The self-proclaimed eco-hero has slipped from 5% to 4% in a poll of possible contenders for the California governorship next year. These abysmal polling results place Steyer at the bottom end of an eight-person field of potential candidates. Given a typical survey’s margin of error – between 3% and 6% – one could easily say Steyer may not even register at all in the minds of California voters.

That has to be disappointing news for a man who has already spent $174 million of his own money in the last two election cycles working to raise his political profile. So far, it appears Mr. Steyer has virtually nothing to show for his troubles. Since President Trump was elected, he has been searching for ways to become relevant and has even resorted to crowdsourcing for ideas.

Judging by a series of tweets employing sharply worded rhetoric, Steyer believes he may have found a way to raise his profile: Politically tying the Trump administration with Russia and the oppressive regime of Vladimir Putin. In a February 14 tweet, he issues the call to action: “Call your member of Congress. Demand an immediate investigation into Trump & the Russians.” Steyer was hammering the “Russia issue” in early December, tweeting, “Trump would make Russia our basic partner—a totalitarian regime based on fossil fuels & run by a former KGB officer.”

But straight from the “You-Just-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Department,” Steyer has had his own shadowy connections with Putin’s inner circle and KGB operatives.

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