Craig Richardson, president of the Energy and Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal), issued the following statement in response to a NY Federal Judge’s decision to dismiss a copycat lawsuit filed against energy companies by New York City:

New York City Mayor’s Bill de Blasio effort to curry favor with the environmental billionaires who want to limit human progress and control our daily energy supply failed today when U.S. Circuit Judge John Keenan ruled to dismiss New York City’s money grab lawsuit against U.S. energy companies. The remaining cases in Colorado, Rhode Island, and elsewhere should meet a similar fate.

Mayor de Blasio clearly learned nothing from disgraced former N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who saw his effort to lead leftist attorneys general which was backed by billionaire opportunist Tom Steyer and the Rockefeller Foundation go down in flames. Each of those cases was dismissed or withdrawn.

These energy market manipulators and their mercenary ‘green’ activists have failed to implement their agenda via the ballot box so they have turned to the courts where they are rightfully meeting a similar outcome. Their efforts to turn back the clock on human progress through shakedown tactics and filing frivolous lawsuits must be fought at every juncture.