Right Side News: Obama’s EPA Caught Using Private E-mails to Conduct Official Business

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by Dean Chambers
Right Side News

Hillary Clinton is not the only Obama Administration official to have used private e-mails to conduct official government business. Documents obtained by Freedom of Information Act request by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) illustrate how U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) circumvented federal law by conducting official business on private e-mail servers with ‘green’ interest groups and “industry validator” lobbyists to write rules and regulations…

“That it is a regular practice of senior officials of this EPA to use private e-mail accounts and other ‘off-book’ techniques to craft rules with ‘green’ activists with clear financial and political interests is now clear beyond a reasonable doubt,” said E&E Legal Senior Legal Fellow Chris Horner. “The e-mail from Michael Bradley, an individual representing private interests, to Joe Goffman and Gina McCarthy, which Goffman forwards to a non-official email account of his colleague, are obvious efforts to impact federal regulation outside of the required system.”…

“This Administration has a real problem understanding the rules when it comes to using private e-mail accounts to conduct public business,” said E&E Legal Executive Director Craig Richardson. “Hillary Clinton has set the bar for flagrant use of private email to conduct official business ‘off-line,’ but EPA comes in at a close second. In so doing the EPA has essentially outsourced it’s rule-making function to ‘green’ activists and rent-seeking lobbies hell-bent on destroying traditional energy sources in an effort to replace it with renewables, an industry that their wealthy benefactors are already making a killing at the taxpayer and ratepayer expense.”

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