Thursday, April 7, 2011
Contact: Paul Chesser, [email protected]

Response by Dr. David Schnare, Director of ATI’s Environmental Law Center, to the American Wind Energy Association’s statement about ATI’s lawsuit against the State of Colorado:

“In typical lobbyist fashion, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) thinks they own the facts.  The American Tradition Institute’s Environmental Law Center is a pro-environmental organization that insists on policies that actually improve the environment.  AWEA does not and cannot dispute that wind energy, as used in Colorado, has caused increased air pollution and increased emissions of greenhouse gases.

“ATI Law welcomes all renewable energy sources that actually improve the environment in a cost-effective manner.  This case will force the facts into a public forum.  They show that wind is not affordable and is not clean.

“Equally clear, state renewable mandates like those in Colorado are also not allowed under the U.S. Constitution — another point AWEA does not contest with specificity.  Rather than bandy with AWEA on the basis of lobbyist sound bites, ATI Law asks interested parties to read its complaint and its supporting documentation.  We are putting wind on trial for a good reason and AWEA is afraid of that.  They should be.”

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