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Exposing the Real Radical Environmentalists Agenda and How to Stop them from Destroying America!

Smoking Them Out: The Theft of the Environment and How to Take it Back
by Greg Walcher

Washington, D.C. – July 12, 2013 – Greg Walcher has spent a lifetime working to conserve the environment, while providing the resources needed to sustain a prosperous economy today. His new book, Smoking Them Out: The Theft of the Environment and How to Take it Back, is an Olympic-level reality check to out-of-control environmental policies that are destroying the economy, costing jobs, and doing little to help the environment.“The United States is quickly becoming the first country in the history of the world to adopt policies designed to ensure its own decline,” writes Walcher. “Every day we see the growing use of environmental laws not for the environment but against people. It is palpable across a wide array of issues – endangered species, public land management, clean air, wetlands, energy production, and the regulation of water.”Smoking Them Out is not just another doom and gloom look at overregulation in America’s environmental policies. Walcher also provides hard-hitting strategies and practical approaches for taking action before its too late. He explains in clear terms how leaders can recapture the high ground from the command-and-control of government – and its allies: the gigantic environmental “industry” whose reliance on legislation and litigation has inflicted unintended consequences on both the economy and the environment.A new “us-against-them” mentality has replaced Americans’ almost universal support for environmental protection with contention, antagonism, confrontation, and litigation. Based on his work in Colorado and Washington, D.C. over the past 30 years, Walcher shows how states, local governments, businesses, and private individuals can take control of conservation issues, improve the environment without the help of federal agencies or environmentalists, and smoke out those with another agenda.“[S]ignificant shifts in public opinion from previous years…illustrate that the time is right for a new approach to environmental issues in general,” writes Walcher. “But no approach can win the hearts and minds of the American public unless it is perceived to be pro-environment.”

Walcher was raised around the peach orchards of Western Colorado and is a nationally recognized and respected leader in natural resources policy. He is currently president of the Natural Resources Group, a consulting firm specializing in energy, water, public lands, forestry, and wildlife. He served in the Governor’s Cabinet as head of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, and as president of the national organization of natural resources cabinet secretaries. Previously he spent a decade working in the U.S. Senate, and another ten years as President of Club 20, an association of business and local government leaders in Western Colorado.

Walcher is also a Board member and senior fellow with the American Tradition Institute (ATI), a public policy research and public interest litigation foundation. ATI, which published Smoking Them Out, advocates restoring science and free-market principles on environmental issues, including air and water quality and regulation, responsible land use, natural resource management, energy development, property rights, and principles of stewardship.

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