by Michael Steyn

You don’t have to be sued by Michael E Mann to have a certain antipathy toward him. It’s been fascinating to discover how many people there are who believe in “anthropogenic global warming” and believe in climate science but really, strongly dislike Mann, his methods, and his promotion of himself as sole proprietor of Global Warming, Inc. I quoted a few of them the other day, but you have to be both secure in your career and have a certain toughness to come out against him in public. Here’s a small case study.

Michael Liebreich lives in London. He’s a visiting professor at Imperial College and advisory board chairman of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, whose broad disposition you can adduce from its name. He’s also on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the New Energy Architecture and the UN Secretary General’s High Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All. He was also on the Clinton Global Initiative’s Energy and Climate Change working group. Get the picture? He believes in global warming. But he doesn’t believe in Michael Mann.

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