Andrew Wilkrow, Host
The Blaze TV

E&E Legal’s General Counsel David Schnare appeared on The Blaze TV to discuss the immorality of EPA using human “guinnea pigs” to test the effects of PM2.5.  The show description is as follows:

The Environmental Protection Agency tested dangerous pollutants not on animals but people, including children. According to an EPA Inspector General report, the agency failed to warn the subjects that the testing may result in cancer or even death in at least 5 experiments that were conducted in 2010 and 2011. It’s not like the PA wasn’t aware of the harmful effects of this testing either because Lisa Jackson, the EPA Administrator at the time of some of the testing actually testified before Congress what the outcome of this type of exposure would ultimately lead to. The EPA responded to this report stating it would “enhance” the language to include the potential risks. So that means it’s going to continue to put people at risk, but just warn them first.

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