by Katy Grimes
As Appearing in the California Globe

Attorneys send Gov. Newsom their plan for breaking up the giant utility

The opening paragraph of a lawsuit names the California Public Utilities Commission, California Department of Water Resources, California Department of Finance Director Keely Bosler, State Treasurer Fiona Ma, and all of the CPUC Commissioners, Marybel Batjer, Liane Randolph, Martha Guzman Aceves, Clifford Rechtschaffen, and Genevieve Shiroma, as those really responsible for the California wildfires — as well as the dubious legislative bailout.

Maria Severson, who together with Michael Aguirre, are the attorneys representing the plaintiffs. Signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom July 12, 2019, AB 1054 became a financial and legal bailout of the investor owned utilities (IOU) from the consequences of their “continued intransigence against prioritizing safety

Attorneys Severson and Aguirre also just submitted a proposed plan for breaking PG&E up, claiming the giant utility is too big to succeed.

Attorneys Aguirre and Severson sent a letter to Gov. Newsom with their proposal:

We understand that the Governor’s office has yet to propose a reorganization plan for Pacific Gas & Electric’s bankruptcy. We write to ask the Governor to propose a plan to reorganize PG&E that would break up PG&E into the 8 local areas within which it now operates. PG&E’s 8 local area assets would be auctioned to the highest bidders under Bankruptcy Code Section 363.

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