by Lachlan Markay
Washington Free Beacon

The office of Kentucky’s governor failed to provide documents through an open records request that show the Democrat’s staff collaborating with the White House and leading environmental activists on a controversial anti-coal regulation, according to a conservative legal group.

The Energy and Environment (E&E) Legal Center filed an appeal to that request, but the office of Kentucky’s attorney general, also a Democrat, says it never received that appeal. Additional E&E FOIA requests show it did, the group says.

The back-and-forth between E&E and Kentucky officials has taken place through open records requests and related communications since July. The group is seeking information on collaboration between federal and state officials and activists pushing new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations designed to restrict carbon emissions from power plants.

Those regulations are expected to be especially burdensome on states such as Kentucky that rely heavily on the coal industry and the thousands of people it employs.

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