by Nick Pope
The Daily Caller News Foundation

The Washington Post published a piece on Thursday critical of a Nobel laureate scientist, quoting the criticisms of a scientist who has erroneously suggested that he is a Nobel Prize winner.

In its story, the Post quotes Michael Mann, a climate scientist who currently serves as the director of the Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media at the University of Pennsylvania, slamming John Clauser’s views on the relationship between climate change and clouds as “pure garbage” and “pseudoscience.” Mann has previously drawn criticisms for his questionable “hockey stick” model projecting sharp increases in global temperatures and for suggesting that he is a Nobel Prize winner, which he is not…

“Clauser does actual science, quantum physics. He has actual accomplishments, which is why he has actually won a Nobel Prize,” Steve Milloy, a senior legal fellow for Energy and Environment legal, told the DCNF. “[The Post] didn’t really even interview Clauser, or ask him to explain his opinions. They just went to Michael Mann to have him denigrate Clauser. It’s really rich for Mann to criticize Clauser.”

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